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I'm Mahdi.






Hello, I'm Mahdi Rahman, an aspiring UX designer passionate about creating visually appealing designs that meet user needs. My Computer Science degree, focusing on HCI (Human-Computer Interaction), has equipped me with a solid foundation in understanding the importance of delivering user-centered experiences. My design philosophy revolves around balancing functionality and aesthetics to create seamless and visually appealing designs. I aim to continuously grow and become the best in every aspect of UX design, leaving a lasting impact on users through thoughtful and intuitive experiences.

While I don't have direct experience in UX design, I have honed my skills through freelance graphic design work, specializing in crafting beautiful logos, cover art, and animations.

User research  //  Wireframing  //  Usability studies  //  Presentation  //  Prototyping

Figma  //  Adobe XD  //  Google Slides  //  Adobe Photoshop // MS Office

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